One: Initial Consultation

Shari will answer all your questions and propose some new designs for your interior designing wish list, and together you will decide how and when to get started. 

Two: Define Your Needs and Refine The Scope

At our first project meeting we will establish your personal vision, lifestyle needs, budget and timeline. Then we will determine the scope of the interior design or decorating project and review all your questions and concerns.  

Three: Measure

Shari will take accurate measurements of your home or commercial space so that she can prepare different options for your space plan and furniture layout. 

Four: Bring It To Life

Shari will source trades, furniture, finishes, window coverings and accessories. She will supply the necessary trades at competitive pricing and supervise all the work for the project. Then Shari will select and provide all the desired finishes, materials, furniture and fabrics required to realize your vision.